Oh! the tribulations of the isolated. Uncertainty their bitter daily bread Hope, the only ally left for them Evenings approaches with regrets With uncertainty breeding the unexpected   Order parts magically As darker and darker it gets Chocking hope with fear and despair Guns ricochet right,left and center Giving no time to catch a … Continue reading TRIBULATIONS OF ISOLATED SOULS


2019 Resolutions


Change is inevitable . My fellow friends, lets in one accord, without fear of contradiction proclaim ," I'm among those who will celebrate milestones in 2019".  LIMITING BELIEFS;-  Am not good enough I might fail at the end.I'm not importantI don't have timeIt's already late to do it AFFIRMATIONS;- I'm not the best but i … Continue reading 2019 Resolutions

Introducing Self-Confidence Africa


My mind was ready, my hands were amenable to write but the stirring force in me was negligible. I was pregnant with ideas but where to begin was the challenge, 'will people listen and reason with me?' was my fear.I hoped for a time when my triumphant journey into writing would be given a warm … Continue reading Introducing Self-Confidence Africa


Dear ladies, don't marry him only because he is successful.(I'm not encouraging ladies to marry unsuccessful people). As much as it's good to have an educated husband,it is equally good to do your part and seek education too. Allow me to ask, if an uneducated lady gets married to a rich man, what can we … Continue reading RELATED TO SUCCESS !!