See far like a seer Never cease to steer That fog will soon get clear And never fake, remain sincere Sh*t is like common cold You hide and it gets you soaked Struggle, cheap will leave you hooked It’s life, take things slow or get chocked Things will unfold Trust this long road Patience and … More Trust The PROCESS


Bro get shrewd Them streets so cold Easy to get Screwed With crooks getting bold Kids getting beards It’s a hell on this field Nerds so weird and feared To survive you need a shield Get this clear Bro-codes disappear This you should hear You will trip and friends cheer @dedicated


Callous, Master! Power and Pride, You command Totally Insensitive Deaf to cry, for right Basking on fame Riches you amass Promising tickets But delivering rickets Amazing, just amazing After abet and exalt From the innocuous, In-cognizant Underdevelopment Disease and chaos You preside over Why, why Honorable? Did power make you, Malevolent Or you’re deficient Of … More POLITICAL PSYCHOS


Every day I try To prove you wrong, By changing the monotony And be a better person For fear of being what they say But, is it really true! Are you the source of the affliction, As they always put it? Or they only blame it on you Because you can’t defend yourself? I think … More DANGER, SLUMBER!!

2019 Resolutions

Change is inevitable . My fellow friends, lets in one accord, without fear of contradiction proclaim ,” I’m among those who will celebrate milestones in 2019″.  LIMITING BELIEFS;-  Am not good enough I might fail at the end. I’m not important I don’t have time It’s already late to do it AFFIRMATIONS;- I’m not the … More 2019 Resolutions


Dream burnt to ashes But I kept basking under your wings Hoping your warmth would make it rise, Up again like a phoenix @selfconfidenceafrica


Out of sight Carry your light Fight for what’s right Let’s make the world bright @selfconfidenceafrica #Inspiration


Time moves fast Took a break first Unaware of the fact That beasts don’t fast Back and forth Things went south Postponed a boss move Memories I to-date still loath @selfconfidenceafrica @Dedicated

Mystery Blogger Award

Wow ! wow! Again, Wow !It feels wow to get my first nomination for the mystery awards and i must triumphantly enter the gates brandishing my guns and handcuff the questions while answering them mercilessly . I must admit this is not funny. Thanks a lot Nour Lee for nominating me. Folks, i would appreciate … More Mystery Blogger Award